Southport Connector

2018 (2)

Southport Connector

The Southport Connector project is another long promised road for Poinciana that has yet to be constructed but slowly is moving forward. The road is currently under a study which should be completed soon. It is in the 2040 Plan for the Osceola Expressway Authority which has now become the 2040 plan for the Central Florida Expressway Authority.

The goal of the Southport Connector will be to connect the Poinciana Parkway and the Cypress Parkway termination point located in front of Solivita through the center of Poinciana to connect with the Florida Turnpike taking a rout south of Lake Toho.


The current study has narrowed down the possible routes for the road to take to only the few shown on the map. The study will make the recommendation as to the preferred route and then it will be up to the OCX/CFX authorities to build the road.