Poinciana Traffic Study

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Polk and Osceola Governments Agree to Traffic Study for Key Poinciana Intersections to improve traffic flow through Poinciana.

Poinciana Traffic Bottlenecks Feb 2017
  1. Cypress Parkway and Doverplum
  2. Cypress Parkway and Old Pleasant Hill Road
  3. Cypress Branch and Cypress Parkway
  4. Cypress Parkway and Marigold
  5. Solivita Blvd and Cypress Parkway
  6. Poinciana Parkway and Cypress Parkway
  7. Walnut and Marigold
  8. Solivita and Marigold

The two counties have agreed to work together to provide an updated traffic study and plan to improve the traffic flow through Poinciana by better coordination of traffic signals even across the two county lines