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Food Pantry Available in Poinciana for those in need

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Poinciana Lawyer faces off against Lawyers for APV and Avatar arguing against their motions to dismiss lawsuit

Legal sparring continues in this heavyweight battle between lawyers for Florida's largest homeowners association and the lawyers for the homeowners who have the courage to take them on.

The judge asked for more information about the damages the actions of the HOA caused to the Poinciana homeowners. The homeowners responded identifying the damages caused by the illegal removal of the 6,000 homes in Solivita from the association. The homeowners also allege that because the Poinciana Deed Restrictions were never preserved under Florida law the collection of assessments and enforcement of deed restrictions actions by the association are illegal.


The lawyers for the defendants claim that the damages to the homeowners were not specific enough to meet the requirements of a lawsuit.

Did Poinciana HOA Illegally File Debt Collection Procedures Against 4,000 Poinciana Homeowners Without Having The Legal Authority To Do So?


State  of Florida Throws Out Poinciana APV HOA Feb 2017 Election and Calls For New Election Aug 1,2017.

After 44 years of illegal election collaboration between Avatar and Poinciana APV HOA State of Florida puts new restrictions on Avatar voting in future HOA elections.

Poinciana HOA Appeal of Ruling Fails

Every Poinciana Homeowner Who Receives a Debt Collection Letter From APV HOA Debt Collector Should Dispute The Legality of the Debt and Under Federal Debt Collection Statute ask for Verification of Debt.

This may help you to save ownership of your home

Poinciana Cypress Parkway Traffic Study Report to was presented Monday June 26, 7PM at Poinciana Library.

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Money Matter Seminar

The 2017 Hurricane Season will soon be upon us. Who can forget how close Hurricane Matthew was projected to come to Poinciana?


Our May 2017 Meeting was held in the new Mary Jane Arrington Community Center and featured Richard Halquist from Osceola County Emergency Operations speaking about Hurricane Preparedness for Poinciana.

100 Kids Turnout To Support Great Poinciana Cleanup

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Poinciana Medical Center's Physician Series at the Poinciana Library resumes on Thursday June 1,2017. Please check below for the featured presentations