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Judge us not by what we say but what we do. Measure us by our accomplichments

State Representative John Cortes will be holding a Town Hall Meeting Thursday May 24,2018 between 6:30 to 8:00PM at the New Dimension High School auditorium located across from Disney Wilderness Preserve 4900 Old Pleasant Hill Road, Poinciana 34759. Come out and hear from a State Representative who represents Poinciana what the Florida Legislature did and did not do in the 2018 session in Tallahassee.


Poinciana Lawsuits


There has been many things happening recently regarding the Poinciana Lawsuits being filed by Poinciana homeowners against their HOA and developer. It has been a long and hard battle but finally it appears the end is in sight and the residents will be able to take control of their local HOA government away from the developer and corporate interests.

HOA Election Dispute

2018 marks the third consecutive year that Poinciana homeowners have disputed the way the APV HOA elections have been run. The first complaint was dismissed because of a procedure error. The second was decided in binding arbitration in favor of the homeowner. The APV and developer Avatar did an 'end around' action with the 10th District Circuit court to circumvent that ruling. After the Fed 13,2018 election another homeowner has filed a third complaint.

HOA Breach of Contract Lawsuit

The original homeowner lawsuit filed back in December 2015 is heading for trial over the Breach of Contract issue. The homeowners claim that the developer and HOA are guilty of Breach of Contract because a legal agreement signed back in 1985 between the Poinciana Developer and HOA with the homeowners represented as third parties called for control the Poinciana HOA to be turned over to the residents and that never happened.

Polk County Discovers Illegal Dump Site In Poinciana

Public Works

The site is located on a parcel owned by Avatar inside Solivita only accessible through the APV Public Works maintenance yard located at 2200 Marigold Ave 34759

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There has been much going on recently regarding the Poinciana road and traffic situation. There will be multiple meetings held in Poinciana to have State and local officials come to address this situation with the residents of Poinciana. The first meeting was  held Tuesday evening April 10, 7PM in the Poinciana Library. Atlee Mercer, Chairman of the Osceola Expressway Authority spoke about what has been happening with the Southport Connector project.

There will be a second meeting scheduled by Polk County Elected Officials hopefully in the mid April time period at the Poinciana Community Center specifically to address what Polk County plans to do to address the traffic problems on Marigold and Cypress Parkway. This meeting will be announced as soon as a scheduled date can be confirmed.

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Sunrail Officials present Poinciana Plans to a full house of interested Poinciana future customers


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Noted Political Science Professor and Newspaper Columnist Dr. Bruce Anderson will be speaking at our April 30 meeting.


On Monday May 7,2018 7PM at the Poinciana Library the CEO of Lynx and Executive Director of Citrus Connection in Polk County will provide an update on current and future plans for bus public transportation in Poinciana.

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80 Kids and Adults participated in Great Poinciana Cleanup  Saturday Morning March 17,2018. The kids did a great job and were rewarded by a Solivita Pizza Party after the event. PRFSC wants to thank all the kids and especially the adult volunteers who helped to make this event possible. We also want to thank our special sponsors for the event including but not limited to Keep Polk County Beautiful, New Dimensions High School, Celebration High School, Liberty High School, Poinciana Rotary Club, Poinciana Medical Center, ToHo Water and APV Public Works Dept.

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