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Poinciana is featured on Orlando TV local news featuring some of the worst traffic problems in the area and what is being done about it

Beginning as soon as February 2021 the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) will be widening SR 538/Poinciana Parkway from Ronald Reagan Parkway to County Road 580/Cypress Parkway.


Poinciana Toll Road Projects Continue in spite of the COVID-19 virus


Between the Central Florida Expressway Authority and two counties in spite of the Pandemic road projects to help the Poinciana traffic situation continue to make progress. These include the following projects:

Poinciana Parkway Expansion

Poinciana Parkway Extension

Southport Connector

CR 532 and I4 Intersection improvements

Many more

Poinciana Roads Meeting Presented by CFX was held June 16, 2021

Meeting Flyer

On the evening of June 16,2021 representatives of the Central Florida Expressway Authority were the guests of PRFSC to present the status of CFX toll road projects to the community. The session was hosted on Zoom and the public was invited to attend. There was plenty of room within the Zoom license restriction to accommodate everyone from the public who wished to attend.

The two hour session was presented in two parts. The first portion lasting about 40 minutes presented the status of the Southport Connector, Poinciana Parkway Widening, Poinciana Parkway Extension and Osceola CR 532 expansion projects. The YouTube video of the presentations may be viewed at

The second part of the presentation lasting about an hour and 20 minutes consisted of the CFX team answering the questions. The first set of questions was those submitted before the meeting. The second set of questions was those asked by the audience attending the meeting. All the questions that were asked were answered by CFX the best that they could at this stage of the project. The YouTube Video of the question and answer session may be viewed at

PRFSC would like to thank all members of the CFX team who attended and presented at the meeting. We would also like to thank everyone who took time out of their schedule to attend the meeting.

Each of these projects is in different stages of completion. The Southport Connector project in particular has raised a lot of questions from the community. CFX did the best they could at this time to answer the questions. As the study proceeds they hope to be able to provide better answers to those questions that have been asked and to accept input and additional questions from the community.


Website Last Updated  June 17 , 2021


Polk's Citrus Connection public transit announces its largest expansion in nearly 20 years including link to Poinciana SunRail Station

osner park Sunrail

Polk County Citrus Connection takes of Polk Poinciana Bus routes operations

Polk County Citrus Connection  ( ) takes over Polk Poinciana Bus Routes.  The neighborhood 603 pick-up buses that used to be run by Lynx now provide the same service using the smaller Citrus Connection 603 buses.

The Haines City Bus route is now called 16X.

More can be learned by checking their web site or by contacting them at 855-765-5287 to check schedules or schedule a bus pickup.

Poinciana Great American Cleanup

PRFSC wants to thank all the kids and volunteers who gave up their Saturday morning March 6,2021 to serve the Poinciana Community

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