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PRFSC  Making Poinciana A Better Place to Live

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Judge us not by what we say but what we do. Measure us by our accomplichments

On Saturday Feb 29,2020 75 Kids from New Dimensions and Celebration High School volunteered their time to clean up the road of Poinciana as part of the Keep Polk County Beautiful Great American Cleanup event. The kids and the adult volunteers that helped deserve thanks from the community


Kids pictured at The Palms in Solivita after the event

Polk County Commissioners Recognize Poinciana Cleanups by giving award to New Dimensions High School kids for their cleanup efforts

Commissioners giving award

Commissioner Wilson and Katie Yoxall of Keep Polk County Beautiful pictured handing out awardPolk County Commissioners  Braswell, Santiago, MR. Timmerman from NDHS, 

The new year 2020 will see the beginning of major road construction projects which will improve the traffic situation in Poinciana

Poinciana Roads 2020 Project Plans
Poinciana Parkway Picture

Covin-19 Impact on Poinciana Toll Road Projects

The Orlando Sentinel article of May 29,2020 (  ) describes how the loss in toll revenue due to the Covin-19 economic shutdown has forced the Central Florida Expressway Authority to cut their budget and delay the planned expansion of the Osceola Parkway eastward through Split Oak Forest until 2034. This raises the question about the status of the two CFX Poinciana Parkway projects of critical importance to Poinciana?

According to the latest information received from CFX, the widening of existing Poinciana Parkway between Cypress Parkway and Ronald Reagan Parkway (from 2-lanes to 4-lanes) is currently in the procurement phase for selection of a design/build team.  That process should be complete this fall and the design/build project is anticipated to begin before the end of this calendar year.  Once started, the project has design/build duration of 36 months (3 years).  That said, the project is anticipated to be complete towards the very end of calendar year 2023 or the beginning of calendar year 2024. This project will expand the existing Poinciana Parkway to 4 lanes. It is expected that the speed limit will be then raised to 65 MPH.

For the Poinciana Parkway Extension, the design firms for all three (3) sections have been selected and the design effort for the two (2) expressway segments should begin this fall.  The Joint Project Agreement (JPA) with Osceola County for the third project (the widening of CR 532 between Old Lake Wilson Road and US 17/92)is being finalized.  Design of that project will begin soon after execution of the JPA document by both CFX and Osceola County.  All three (3) projects are anticipated to begin construction early in calendar year 2023 and be completed early in calendar year 2025. The Poinciana Parkway Extension will extend the existing Poinciana Parkway to Osceola CR 532 and expand CR532 to 4 lanes.

No decision as to how much if any toll increase for the Poinciana Parkway has been made at this time.

This information is from the proposed FY 2021 to FY 2025 Five-Year Work Plan.  This proposed plan will be presented to the CFX Board for adoption at the upcoming June 11th Board meeting.  At this point it is not anticipated that any of these schedules to change as part of that process, but anything can happen (especially in the midst of the COVID-19 times we are living through). 




Website Last Updated  June 28, 2020

Corona Virus Strikes Poinciana, Florida, USA and the World 

Florida COVID-19 Cases Reach New Daily Highs Approaching 10,000 new cases each day

June 28 Florida Covid (2)

For the Month of June Polk County Cases Grow Similar to the rest of Florida

Polk Count cases per day June

Polk County Citrus Connection  ( ) takes over Polk Poinciana Bus Routes.  The neighborhood 603 pick-up buses that used to be run by Lynx now provide the same service using the smaller Citrus Connection 603 buses.

The Haines City Bus route is now called 16X.

More can be learned by checking their web site or by contacting them at 855-765-5287 to check schedules or schedule a bus pickup.

PRFSC Meeting was held Feb 13, 2020 to discuss Poinciana Valencia College

Meeting Flyer