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PRFSC  Making Poinciana A Better Place to Live

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Judge us not by what we say but what we do. Measure us by our accomplichments

PRFSC Meeting was held Feb 13, 2020 to discuss Poinciana Valencia College

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PRFSC Welcomes 2020 By Expanding Road Cleanups


Taking advantage of the tremendous support from the kids of the Poinciana Community PRFSC has expanded its portfolio of Poinciana roads to include Lake Marion Creek and McMann  Rds.

It has been 2 1/2 years since Valencia College opened its doors in Poinciana. What has been happening and what does the future hold?

The new year 2020 will see the beginning of major road construction projects which will improve the traffic situation in Poinciana

Poinciana Roads 2020 Project Plans
Poinciana Roads 2020 Project Plans

Here is a map showing the roads master plan for Poinciana and the current projects being constructed

Projects status

Here is a chart showing the current status of each of the projects

PRFSC Meeting held December 10 in Poinciana Library tells community about Osceola plans to improve Poinciana roadways.


Website Last Updated  Feb 14,2020


Polk County Citrus Connection  ( ) takes over Polk Poinciana Bus Routes.  The neighborhood 603 pick-up buses that used to be run by Lynx now provide the same service using the smaller Citrus Connection 603 buses.

The Haines City Bus route is now called 16X.

More can be learned by checking their web site or by contacting them at 855-765-5287 to check schedules or schedule a bus pickup.

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SunRail Announces special train connections for all 2019-2020 Orlando Magic home NBA basketball games

Train to game (2)

Come see Playoff Caliber NBA Basketball in downtown Orlando simply by taking the train to and from the Poinciana station.