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Poinciana Parkway

Central Florida Expressway Authority approves expansion of Poinciana Parkway

The Central Florida Expressway Authority last week approved going forward with the expansion of Poinciana Parkway from two to four lanes. Traffic volumes on the existing Poinciana Parkway currently run two and half times the original projections. The project is a terrific success. To expand on that success CFX has decided to move forward refinancing the exiting parkway bonds to pay for the expansion from two to four lanes.

The bond refinancing will take place immediately and as soon as that is done construction will begin. The original Poinciana Parkway project was originally built to be expanded to 6 lanes so this project will hopefully be completed fairly quickly perhaps as soon as two to three years?

The expansion of Poinciana Parkway is just another step in making the vision of expressways for Poinciana a reality. The extension of Poinciana Parkway north to connect to CR532 is scheduled to go before the CFX Board in October. That is expected to be approved and construction to be started soon.

The Southport Connector project connecting the south end of Poinciana Parkway to Florida Turnpike will be next up to be attacked. These things take time but the future plan to connect the Florida Turnpike to I4 using a 70 MPH toll road running through Poinciana is becoming a reality.


The final public meeting for the Poinciana Parkway Extension project will be held August 29,2019 between 5:e30 and 8PM at Poinciana High School. After that meeting the plan will be to take the project before CFX board for approval to the project can be built.


Save the date Saturday Sept 21,2019 for our next scheduled Poinciana Community Cleanup. More details to follow.

Florida Southern Political Science Professors and their students share their views on elections and hot button political issues with Poinciana Community

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The Central Florida Expressway Authority and Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) are close to finalizing a plan to make Poinciana driving to I4 much easier.

Polk Country driver describes experience driving through Champions Gate

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Central Florida Expressway Authority has selected the preferred route to expand the existing Poinciana Parkway to intersect with Osceola CR 532 to better get Poinciana traffic to the I4/Disney/429 area. The proposed extension would take traffic from the north end of the Poinciana Parkway Bridge to intersect with CR 532.

The project would include expansion of the Poinciana Parkway to 4 lanes between Poinciana Cypress Parkway and CR 532. Exit ramps would be provided at 17/92. The extension would cross over 17/92 and the CFX railroad tracks terminating at 532.

Traffic going to I4 would continue westward to I4 at Champions Gate Intersection.

Traffic going to Disney could use I4 or take Lake Wilson Road north from Champions Gate to 192 and World Drive.

Traffic going to 429 could use I4 or take Lake Wilson Road to Sinclair and get on 429 from there.

In additions to the Champions Gate improvements described in the adjacent column additional lanes will be added to I4 between the 429 Interchange and Champions Gate to relieve the I4 traffic congestion at the interchange as well.

The good news is that both the Poinciana Parkway and the improvements to the Champions Gate I4 Interchange should be completed with the next 5 years


Website Last Updated  Sept 13, 2019

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SunRail Southern Expansion Selected Among Nation's Best

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The SunRail Southern Expansion to Poinciana has been selected as one of the best. Already among the top 12 projects in the nation it is in the running for selection as the best.

The write up that you may download by clicking below describes the result of what SunRail brought to Poinciana and what you can do to nominate SunRail as the nation's best project.



Valencia College Poinciana Campus  hosts 3rd Annual Block Party Thursday July 18,2019.

FDOT and Osceola County make plans to address problems at Champions Gate intersection with I4

I4 CR 532 Diamond Interchange

The plan includes reconfiguring the Champions Gate interchange to make it a Diamond Interchange thus eliminating the need for left hand turning traffic signal delays and making it easier to get onto and off from I4.

Check out the video below to see how this will work? For Champions gate what is shown on the video as going over the expressway is actually what goes under I4 at Champions Gate