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Poinciana Voice Community newsletter provides insight into who Oceola County has not been able to provide the roads needed to support Poinciana's growth. It turns out that in 2003 a study showed the roads that Poinciana needed. An agreement was reached between Osceola County and the developer to allow the developer to avoid paying regular county impact fees in exchange for the developer building the roads. For some reason than never happened.

Community discussion about these projects is healthy and is encouraged. Using Social Networks to propagate false information helps nobody and does the community harm. To learn how to access the Nexdoor social network and join the discussion please click below.

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Also Osceola County is expanding Poinciana Blvd from 2 lanes to four lane with the work having started and scheduled to be completed in mid 2025.

Osceola County is working with FDOT to construct a bypass at the 17/92 and Pleasant Hill intersection to speedup the flow of traffic flowing through that intersection to and from Kissimmee. Unfortunately it is hearing some opposition from homeowners currently living near where the road will go. 

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The Central Florida Expressway has been asked by both counties to provide a solution for the daily Poinciana traffic congestion on Cypress Parkway. The solution they have been working on over the past 14 years has been to build a new toll road to enhance the number of lanes on Cypress Parkway thru the center of Poinciana.

PRFSC recently spoke to a newspaper reporter who had been contacted by a group of Poinciana residents expressing opposition to the Southport Connector project. When he described the concerns expressed by the group we felt it necessary to set the record straight.

In summary the arguments being used by the opponents of the Southport Connector do not stand up against the facts. The new expressway will not divide Poinciana , there are no viable alternatives to building the expressway on Cypress Parkway and the expressway will improve the Poinciana local traffic situation while significantly improving the through traffic flow through Poinciana. Like any other expressway project there are those living adjacent to the expressway who object because they do not want the expressway built in their own back yard. This is unfortunate. But since the expressway was being proposed long before their homes were ever built they have no excuse for not knowing what was going to happen when they bought their homes. Poinciana has suffered through traffic problems long enough. The Southport Connector project needs to be approved and constructed as soon as possible.


This website was last updated on May 9,2022


US News and World Report just published its national rankings of high schools in America. Poinciana's New Dimensions High School is well represented in the rankings. According to their report NDHS has a 93.1% minority enrollment and 100% graduation rate placing it tied for number 1 high school in the nation in terms of graduation rate. This is a real credit to the Poinciana kids who attend the school and the faculty, staff and community volunteers who make this possible.

Polk County gives award to Poinciana Volunteers for Preserving Polk County because of 11 years work in cleaning Polk County Roads in Poinciana

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Kaie Award

On Saturday morning April 23,2022 more than 35 kids and volunteers gave up a Saturday morning to serve the Poinciana Community picking up roadside trash. After the Cleanup Polk County Commissioner Martha Santiago stopped by the pizza party to personally thank the kids and all the adult volunteers who gave up their time and financial contributions to make this event possible

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