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Recent data ( )  shows that Poinciana commuters spend more time stuck in traffic than commuters elsewhere in Central Florida, Florida or elsewhere in the United States. 54% of Poinciana commuters spend more than two hours every day stuck in traffic trying to earn a living to support their families. Osceola County traffic data ( ) shows that the biggest source of traffic congestion for Poinciana is Cypress Parkway. That problem was identified in a 2013 study conducted by Florida Department of Transportation recommending the  Southport Connector project be built to help the Poinciana commute situation. Yet that project remains stalled today because of a Federal Civil Right complaint filed in October 2022 by a Solivita person opposing the project.

Recent Congressional Inquiries filed by Representative Darren Soto  (  ) and Senator Marco Rubio ( ) show that contrary to claims made by the person who filed the complaint the Federal Highway Administration still is in the preliminary stage of investigating the complaint. The preliminary investigation will determine whether to accept the complaint for investigation, dismiss it or refer to another agency.

It has been 20 months since the complaint was filed and according to the response to the congressional inquiry the complaint remains under preliminary investigation. How can this be helping the people of Poinciana?

With the help of Congessman Sota and Senator Rudio I was recently able to speak with the program analyst conducting the preliminary investigation. He stated that the reason for the delay has been the number of such complaints that have been filed nationwide. At his request I provided him with some data about the Poinciana Cypress Parkway traffic situation. ( )

The data confirms that 10 years after the original FDOT study was conducted the need to build the Southport Connector to relieve the Poinciana commute problems remains stronger than ever. The data shows that the proposed alternative of adding additional lanes to Cypress Parkway will not solve the problem. The data also shows that the only solution to congestion at the Cypress Parkway intersections will be to build elevated flyovers for Cypress Parkway intersections to allow through traffic to pass without stopping at red lights.

The data provided is what it is. The facts are the facts. The only way to solve the Poinciana commute problems is to add additional elevated lanes to Cypress Parkway. Just like the 2013 study identified the only solution is to build a limited access elevated expressway on Cypress Parkway allowing another way in and out of Poinciana connecting to Florida Turnpike which is the major north/ south highway feeding into the Orlando area.

Hopefully this complaint will soon be resolved. How can building the only solution that can relieve Cypress Parkway congestion be a denial of civil rights for the working people of Poinciana?


Florida Department of Transportation announces plans to move up expansion of I4 into Polk County from 25 to 10 years

I4 Improvements

Polk County is starting to evaluate expansion of SUNRAIL into Polk County

Sunrail in Polk County
US News and World Report Best High Schools

New Dimensions High School earned high National and metro-area rankings in 2023-2024 Best High Schools, which U.S. News released this morning. Here is your school’s updated U.S. News profile page, with details about its rankings:

Osceola County Traffic Engineering recently responsponded to requests from Poinciana residents asking what Osceola County is doing to address the Poinciana traffic congestion. 

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New Dimensions High School is now accepting enrollment applications for the new school year. Check out the new video at to learn more about the school.

New Dimensions has been ranked as one of the best High Schools in America and the best High School in Poinciana. The US News and World Report evaluation my be read at

High School age kids interested in enrolling in a a small school providing the best education in Poinciana should apply now. Adult volunteers who want to work with the kids are also very much welcome.

If you are interested in enrolling or know someone who might be interested please check out the school web site located at


We want to thank all the volunteers who helped to make our April 20,2024 Earth Day Osceola Cleanup sonsored by Osceola County Commissioner a great syccess.. We had about 45 kids and adults enjoy a Chic Fellet Breakfast with drinks paid for by Osceola County. 

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IOsceola cleanup kids at work

PRFSC wants to thank all the kids and adult volunteers from the community that help make these cleanups happen

On April 19,2024 The kids from New Dimensions High School presented their 2024 version of Living Wax Museum in Solivita. Once again the event was a great success.

2023 LIving Wax Museum


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