Osceola Beltway Projects


Starting in 2020 and in some cases before the governments supporting Poinciana had started a number of local road projects that will hep the Poinciana traffic situation. These projects are described below

A major set of projects that will improve the Poinciana traffic situation is a combined set of projects by Florida Turnpike, FDOT, Centrsl Florida Expressway Authority and Osceola County to extend Poinciana Parkway north to I4 and 429.

The chart below presented at the Osceola Transportation Summit held May 2023 show the status of the major CFX projects in Osceola County. These projects will be described below

CFX Project status
Poinciana Parkway Bridge

CFX has intitiated the design phase of the Poinciana Parkway Exrension project that will extend Poinciana Parkway to Osceola County road 532. CR532 will be expanded to 4 lanes by Osceola County between US 17/92 and Champions Gate I4 intersection.

Poinciana Parkway Extension

Osceola County has completed the expansion of the Champions Gate I4 intersection to provide increased capacity.

Champions Gate Intersection

FDOT is contructing additional lanes for I4 between 429 and Champions Gate intersection to alleviate the I4 bottlenecks cause by traffic at those two intersections. This construction projectis scheduled to be completed in 2023.

I4 lane Expansion

Longer term FDOT has announced plans to extend the I4 Ultimate Express Lanes from the Orange county line through Osceola County and into Polk County to the US 27 Interchange

I4 beyond ultimate

Florida Turnpike is conducting a PD&E Study to extend Poinciana Parkway to the I4 429 Intersection.

429 Connection

CFX is nearing completion of the PD&E Study for the Southport Connector project whick will connect the Poinciana Parkway to Florida Turnpike south of Lake Toho using Cypress Parkway through the center of Poinciana.

Southport Connector Map

Florida Turnpike has announced plans to expand Florida Turnpike from 4 lanes to 8 in phases from Yehaw Junction SR60 to Orlando. This will all Poinciana and Polk County traffic to flow through Poinciana connecting to Florida Turnpike points north and south without having to use Osceola local roads such as Poinciana Blvd and Pleasant Hill.

Florida Turnpike expansion
OCX 20140 Master Plan

In summary the plans announced by FDOT, Florida Turnpike, CFX and Osceola County at the May 2023 Transportation summit show that major construction plans are in place to complete the 2040 long term plan articulated many years ago by Osceola Expressway Authority to address Osceola County's long term transportation problems.